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Luna Mora

29 | She/Her | EST (GMT-5)

I have been writing since I was 8 years old and RPing since I was 11. I used to RP near exclusively through play-by-post forum RP on Jcink, but recently changed to exclusively bot-assisted Discord RP, which has really done wonders for my writing!

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About Me

General info

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Where I Write

I currently only write 1x1s on private Discord servers. Not interested in any other avenues at this time.

Because I come from a Forum RP background, I use Discord Bots to make Discord less bland. Primarily Tupperbox for characters, and Lady Fortuna which is a luck-based decision maker. You don't have to use them unless you want to, but know they will be added to our server so I can use them.I have a server template I use for generic set up that basically involves an OOC area for plotting, a character space for dev & any info on characters or worldbuilding, and the IC area for threads or scenes or chapters or however we want to organize the RP. But I'm more than happy to use whatever server set up my partner prefers.

Writing Style

Tense: 3rd Person Past or 3rd Person Present, I can do both equally based on partner preference.I bold speech, "Just like this."Word Count: Average 200 words (2-3 paragraphs) up to 1000+ as needed for the scene.Starters: No preference on who starts, whichever makes more sense to 'set the scene'.

Post Speed

I used to be a really slow poster in Forum RP. I would go in bursts. Since making the switch to Discord, I try to tag no later than Once a Week.My usual pace is Once a Day / Once Every 2-3 Days dependent on RL.That being said, I am a super patient and communicative RPer and am ghost-friendly. Please don't feel pressured while we're writing! Let's talk out posting and communication expectations.

Limits & Kinks

I do 3-3-3 on the RPG Rating scale. No qualms with profanity or graphic violence. Totally fine with anything grimdark. Smut-friendly and kink-friendly.Limits: Anything that may come up will be discussed with my writing partner. My only hard limit is that I will not write any graphic content with any people or characters under 18.Kinks: Specific desired kinks for any NSFW ads will be included in the ad itself.I do have a Kinks & Limits graphic I can provide if needed.

On Characters

Faces: I come from a Real Life/Celebrity Face Claim background on the forums, so most of my characters use RL faces. Otherwise I will use a mix of inspiration images as "aesthetics". This normally ranges from drawn to anime to what can be found on Pinterest, depending on the RP. All of my characters come with written physical descriptions also.Bios: I create bare bones character sheets for each new character, and flesh them out as we go. I store my character sheets on main characters will always be 18+, to echo what was in my limits.With first-time partners, I tend to start my plotting with a "Main Pairing" who are the "stars" of the particular plot we craft, and then branch out into secondary characters, NPCs, and casts as we go through the process and need to bring other characters in.I don't mind doubling or doing multiple pairings/multiple plots once I'm comfortable with my writing partner!I usually make my characters to fit the plot and don't do pre-mades, unless otherwise specified in the ad.

On Pairings

I'm just going to be honest, I LOVE to ship and most of my successful long-term plots have had a romantic pairing at the center of them. Romance as a plot element will be a must, but smut is optional. I am a "if it makes sense in the story and we want to do it, let's do it" kind of smut writer rather than going by ratios. We can be 100% SFW or 100% NSFW or anything in between.I do any of the big three pairings:

  • FxF (preferred!)

  • MxF (either role)

  • MxM

On Plotting

I don't like to overplot or headcanon too far in advance of the actual story, but I do like to have a plotline to follow and a barebones structure for each "scene" so that there is an end goal in mind that we are working towards. I don't like to make things concrete or set in stone so it can be flexible to twists, turns, and curveballs, as well as any new ideas we may have along the way.I play by the "Rule of Cool" and the "Rule of Funny": "Wouldn't it be funny if..." or "Wouldn't it be cool if..." usually leads to the best ideas, and if there is any conceivable way to make it work, even if not the most realistic/slightly OOC option, if we want to do it, let's do it.So when I say "I don't like plots to be concrete, but I do like some structure", I mean it can be as simple as our overall plot idea and a bullet point list of all the things we want to tackle either within the plot or within that particular event/scene/thread/etc. With the understanding that the characters and plots are "living documents" and we may feel the need to revise or adapt the shenanigans along the way.

Writing Samples

You can find a Google Doc of my Writing Samples here: LunaMora's Writing SamplesThere are eight different samples of varying lengths from varying points in the RPs they're taken from.If you want to take a peek at how I structure my character sheets, I'm happy to share some examples! (I do not expect writing partners to be as extra as I am, lol.)

Current Ads

If there is nothing listed here - I am not looking for any new partners at this time. :)

Find an ad you like? Reach out to me wherever you found this carrd!

  • N/A (being rewritten)

Please come to the table with your ideas after reading the ad(s). I adjust the outline as much as possible to the potential player.I appreciate some sort of "About Me" as a means to introduce yourself!I will ask for writing samples from you before we begin plotting.